The Sustainable House Day – Tiny Homes Design Competition

We just arrived in the area but we’re already participating in a tiny house competition!

We’re only three weeks in but we’re already promoting our new sustainable lifestyle at the Sustainable House Day in Mullum. Our new landlords have told us about this annual competition in the area. They encouraged us to participate since this year’s theme is all about tiny houses. 

About the sustainable house day – competition

I did a little bit of research about the competition and found out that the Sustainable House Day Northern Rivers is running for the third time this year. It’s a joint project of the four local councils, sustainable businesses and local education providers. The Sustainable House Day aims to provide locals with new and innovative ways of sustainable living. I think this is a great initiative. So we filled out an application form and entered the competition.

Everyone can participate in the competition, from young people to professional architects. There are three design categories which also accommodate different skill levels. We’re participating in the community category “A Tiny Home”.

Crafty afternoons

In preparation for the competition and in order to participate we had to get crafty. We built a 3D model of our tiny house and Paul drew up a lot of tiny house plans. In addition to that, we also wrote a short essay explaining our concept and our off grid setup.

1We were looking forward to competition day because it would give us an opportunity to show off our tiny house plans and also talk to other people about our project.

Competition day

When we entered the venue in Mullum it surprised us to see so many visitors. The small community hall was packed with people and various tiny house designs! We had a look around and saw some cool ideas and designs. This would be a tough one….

But before they announced this year’s winners, we had to attend the “date a designer” – speed dating sessions. Each session was about 15 minutes long and gave visitors the chance to talk to the designers they’re interested in. Amazingly, our dating list was full! Woohoo! We had some interesting chats about our tiny house and especially our off grid setup with the most random people. But I think that these little sessions were a great idea.  

Sustainable House Day

The whole day was a very interesting experience for us. In the end, we didn’t win the competition but we learned that tiny houses are not as rare in Australia as we thought and that people love the idea of living off-grid!

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